omg John Krasinski <3 <3



omg John Krasinski <3 <3


"your taste in music kinda sucks"


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This will forever be the best thing on the internet.

every second of that was worthy of my eyeballs

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the white guy is killin me


*looks nervously at obama* “h….ho………”

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TC Imagine (Partly happened to me)

You walk into class a bit tired, but when you see him, all your unhappiness and angriness goes away. When he finishes explaining the theory, he asks the class to finish up the exercises.

From time to time, you see him, he smiles or he sees you and you smile. GOD HE IS SO CUTE. You had almost finished all the questions but the last two were very tricky. You wanted help but at the same time, you didn’t want to actually talk to him as you felt afraid he would think you just wanted to talk to him for nothing. 

Tired of over thinking, you decide to raise your hand and get some help. He comes immediately and sits right next to you on an empty desk. Your legs are almost touching his and for just a moment, you both look at each other until you decide to ask the question and break the ice.

"Um, I don’t understand questions 5 and 6"

"Oh yeah, I’ll show you how to do it"

You give him your pen and  for just a brief second, your hands touched his and he locked your hands in his and before you realized, he let them go.

As he explained, you couldn’t stop seeing his lips and how they moved. You didn’t realize you were biting your lip until he woke you up from your dream and said:

"Did you understand?" He asked you when he saw that you were biting your lip.

"I did, thank you very much" You said with a smile.

"Good, I’m glad, did you bring your textbook?" He then answered.

You had completely forgotten to bring your textbook.

"Oh no, sorry Sir" You said nervously.

"Oh my God" He answered annoyed.

You felt guilty and embarrassed and before you could pronounce a single word, he pulled you closer to him and said, still annoyed:

"Oh my God, why are you a student?" before giving you a warm kiss on the lips.


everything personal♡


everything personal♡


I think the snapchats of my math teacher are the only thing I’ll be remembered for and I’m okay with that


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I want to lose my virginity like this hahahahahaa lol

I want to lose my virginity like this hahahahahaa lol

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